October 31, 2008

Knitting needles need a home; a place to call thier own!

Did you know knitting needles have many uses beyond knitting?
The trio have come up with a few favourites.
They can be used for sword fighting (big two) or as drumsticks (little one).
So in an attempt to keep them whole (the sticks that is) I have a need for a case for them.
To purchase such an item would be no fun at all.
Where is the challenge in that?

No, I have decided to make one, amongst the havoc!
I have high hopes.
First I found a site with 30 free patterns, to go there click here.
I chose Alexandra's needle case.
It looked big enough to house my growing collection.
Next I went to Spotlight and thanks to MOTH who took the kids for 1/2 hour, had a blissful time admiring all the fabrics.
My only problem that I have the attention span of a flea, so finding something that I thought I would like for a long time took some deciding.
Here is my selection.

I used 1/2meter of the striped and natural coloured fabric and 1 meter of the red. They are all cottons so the biggest thing has been keeping the creases out.
If I were to do it again I would pick fabrics that were a more crease resistant.

I cut my pattern out of a newspaper, cut out all the fabric, and began sewing.
It has been along time since I have had the machine out.
I tried to sew my binding strips on straight so went very slow.
BIG mistake.
For the first time my sewing was a bit on the wobbly side.

It would seem there is good reason to put your foot to the flaw on the machine accelerator like a mad woman, like I normally do.
due to demanding Children I decided I had no time to waste, put my foot down and my sewing improved.

So here is my creation.

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Fresh Tea : said...

Well done, your needle house looks fantastic!
Nice to see a new post too - by the way!