November 29, 2008

Disasters, Disasters Everywhere

All I can say is "thank goodness Fresh Tea is so kind" She has had a full time job fixing my whoopsies. I have had problems even with the simplest of patterns. Great haste and no care, or at least no concentration is to blame. Of course that all comes with knitting amongst havoc. The unshapped shrug is finally finished after fresh tea helped me pick up the stitches on both sides that I had tried to do repeatedly myself and failed to get close to achieving in the right number. Got there in the end whew!! Sorry the picture is a bit blurred, I will replace it when I can get a better one.

Then came the ribbed lace bolero. Now this was going great, was being the key word! One whoopsie and a bit of help dropping stitches from miss 2.5 and Fresh Tea came kindly to the rescue. AGAIN. I feel quite high maintenance.

Well With LOTS of Help from Fresh Tea all disasters were fixed and the gifts were ready to go for Mrs R and Mrs J who have helped me get master 4 to kindy through the year.

Now comes the stressful decision as to what to do for Fresh Tea for her birthday when my time is going fast and she has been so kind and deserves so much!!

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